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What are the benefits of educational toys?

2019/04/29 11:21
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Children like to play with toys, but some toys are not good for children's growth, but some are suitable for children, such as puzzle toys, then what is the benefit of puzzle toys for children.
        Can enhance the child's hands-on ability. Some toys such as puzzles and building blocks must be pieced together by the children one by one to form a single figure. The children's fingers can be fully active, and the hands will not be able to do things to become strange.
        Some puzzle toys are very challenging for children's imagination. For example, if you need to code your own house, an animal, an item, etc., after simply understanding this matter, your child can use his imagination to code out more life. Different shapes, such as connecting blocks and tables, to form a table.
        The child's brain is very blank. If you don't tell him anything, he doesn't know it, including the shape. You and he said that he can't understand it, but he directly tells the ready-made graphics to tell him that this is a square. It is a rectangle that is much better understood.
        Have more awareness of color. Many types of toys are very rich in color, such as: pink, can have light pink, deep pink, etc., not just a single pink. It is only the parents who must choose consciously when choosing toys. Focus on cultivating the child's ability to choose which kind of toy.
        You can exercise your child's language skills. Sometimes the children watch the video inside the mobile phone have a commentary on how to play the game, so you can let the children learn the video while playing the game while explaining, so that you can better exercise your child's language ability.
        Everyone wants to be recognized by others, so when this thing is not doing well, he will want to send it to do it well, he will think about how to do it, where to study, it is very good for children. of. Some puzzle game parents have no children to do well.
        If the child does not touch this thing, how do you know if he is interested in this? Digging out a child's point of interest is crucial for the child, so try to get him to touch more things, see those things longer when the child lasts, and get started faster to focus on strengthening the child's ability in this area.
        Every child is not born, what is the focus of parental training, so parents must spend more time on their children.