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What are the benefits of playing with baby blocks? Do you know the benefits of so many parents?

2019/04/29 11:24
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It is said that the baby has more benefits in building blocks, so what are the benefits of the children playing with the blocks? Mom and Dad know? Let's take a look!
1. Cultivate your baby's curiosity
        Baby playing with blocks can induce and cultivate your baby's curiosity and develop your baby's imagination.
        The building blocks can be pieced together at will, and the baby can freely play and match in the process of playing with the building blocks, and freely imagine.
        This process is actually the development of the baby's right brain, because the right brain is dominated by our human creativity. Therefore, the building blocks also play a role in the development of the right brain.
2. Promote language and social skills
        Baby playing with blocks is helpful for language and social skills, and the baby can communicate and communicate while playing with the small partners. So baby playing blocks can also help your baby's language and social skills.
3. Promote parent-child relationship
        It is more difficult for a baby under 3 years old to play with blocks alone, so it is possible to play with the whole family, which can deepen the parent-child relationship. Let your baby fully feel the love of his parents from an early age.
4, cultivate observation
        When playing with the blocks, parents can try to push the piles up to scare the baby and train the baby to observe each other's abilities.
5. Increase your child's self-confidence
        When children are playing with blocks, when they successfully build a building block model, parents should give praise and encouragement in a timely manner, and encourage children to continue to do even better!
        Finally, when the children reach the appropriate age, they begin to exert their incomparable curiosity and imagination, so at this time parents can buy bricks for their children, which is conducive to the development of children's spatial perception, creativity, understanding and so on.