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How to choose the right early education toy

2019/04/29 11:26
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The baby is inseparable from the toy during the growth process, but it is difficult to find a lot of mothers. There are so many toys, it’s good to see the introduction, and I can’t tell you how to choose. How to choose a good toy is a matter of learning. Choosing the right one can make your baby play more and more intelligent!
The importance of toys for babies
1, mobilize the enthusiasm of baby activities
        When they are playing with toys, they can operate and use them as they please, so that they can meet the needs of the activities and improve their hands-on ability. In the long run, the babies will gradually improve their enthusiasm for the activities.
2, improve the baby's perceptual knowledge
        Toys can be used to exercise the baby's senses, because they are more intuitive, the baby can touch, see, listen and so on. We should guide the encouragement of the baby to play with toys so that they can not only exercise their hands-on ability, but also increase their knowledge while playing.
3, causing the baby's association activities
        There are many props in the game of the house, such as toy pots and toy shovel. These toys can make the children have a certain association with the family and carry out creative role games. There are also some labor-like toys, such as small shovel and kegs that dig sand, which can cause the baby to carry out simulated labor.
4. Actively carry out activities such as thinking and imagination
        Baby playing with toys can open up thinking and stimulate imagination. For example, when building blocks, the babies need to consider a lot. They not only have to think about what they look like, but also think about how they should be put together. They must also think about how they will not fall. This will not only improve their ability but also exercise. Brain power.
Which toys make your baby smarter?
Double-sided bed cloth book
Suitable for babies from 0 to 3 months.
        Beautiful and practical crib cloth book, both sides of the bed have vivid and lovely patterns on both sides. The two sides are mainly composed of vivid black and white contrast, which not only can effectively promote the visual development of the baby, but also meet the needs of the baby to recognize the external things.
Suitable for babies over 3 months.
        A baby of 3 months can hold the "ring ring" in one hand. They begin to try the effects of touch, feeling, sight or taste. Touch the hand and feel how it feels on the hand; use the eyes to look at the various colors of the toy; taste the taste of the toy with the mouth; the sound when the "ringing ring" is shaken can train the baby's hearing. The simplest of these types of toys is the first step in developing intelligence for babies.
Suitable for babies over 6 months.
        6-month-old babies are interested in everything that can be moved. The colored balls that roll can be the most attractive to them. When you push the ball with your hand, you will roll forward. The baby will crawl and chase the ball. If the mother can accompany it. It’s even better if they play together.
Building Blocks
Suitable for babies over 8 months.
        Eight months old babies have found a lot of things. They have already known toys, furniture and other utensils. They have learned that some objects are soft, some are hard, some are angular and some are round. In the face of the building blocks, the baby will start to use two hands to make the two blocks squeak; one stacked on the other will be taller than a single block; and the blocks can be stacked into many different shapes.
Composite shape box
Suitable for babies over 1 year old.
        This is a toy used to train children to observe the shape of an item. Through this toy, the baby can recognize that a shape of the opening allows only the same shape of the article to pass; understand the various shapes of the daily necessities.
Stacked cup
Suitable for babies over 2 years old.
        For a two-year-old child, the stacked cup toy is the most endless game, which can be stacked into a tall tower or reduced into a single cup. It can also hide small blocks or other small things in a stack of cups. Something. Through this type of game, the baby can know that some things are invisible, but they actually exist.
Bao Ma Tip:
Special children We can carry out targeted training for the baby according to the characteristics of the toy. The choice of toys is as follows:
        1. Slightly heavy ball: Suitable for non-autonomous sports and intermittent babies, because their movements are too clumsy, and the lighter balls are easy to roll away. And the intermittent baby is suitable for playing solid balls, because their grip will be tight, it is difficult to lift and release to let the heavy ball roll away.
        2, the larger beach ball: suitable for squatting hemiplegic baby, this can promote the use of both hands at the same time, when a baby can only grasp the racquet or stick, the ball with the elastic band makes the ball play the possibility. For those who want to throw the ball, catch the ball but can't take the ball, you can use the bean bag instead.
        3. Medium-sized ball: When the baby starts to learn to walk, the medium-sized ball can be pushed back and forth by the baby. When the training balances, the ball can be used as a movable foundation for the parents to sit on, let the baby sit on your leg. On, add fun.
        4. Mobile toys: It is difficult for a baby with poor coordination ability of arms, hands and fingers to grasp the moving toy. If the baby likes a small car, he can give him a pull back car or at the end of the car and end stick. Place a magnetic strip that moves more easily on the polished surface.