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What kind of baby toys are good?

2019/04/29 11:27
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Toys are irresistible temptations for infants and young children. In addition to enriching the daily life of infants and young children, toys can also develop their intellectual development, so there are many benefits to having toys for babies. Buy toys should pay attention to safety, then what material is good for baby toys?
        Common baby toys come in a variety of materials, including plastic, plastic, wood, flannel, metal, etc. The most popular ones should be plastic toys. In fact, for babies, as long as the material of the toy is healthy, safe, environmentally friendly, and meets the medical safety requirements, it is suitable for the baby.
        For smaller babies, the most suitable toys are plastic materials, because these toys are lighter in weight and are suitable for infants with less strength. And the plastic toys are very smooth, and there are no sharp edges and corners, so the baby is not vulnerable during the play.
        When choosing a toy for a baby, it should be chosen according to the size of the baby, because as the month increases, their difficulty in the toy will increase. For example, just born baby, they have no hands to go. The ability to grasp, so it is more suitable for some colorful hanging toys.
        These toys can make a crisp sound and have a very beautiful color, so it has a good effect on the baby's visual stimulation. As the baby grows up, they can choose toys that they can play on their own, including teethers, rattles, massage balls, crawling mats, building blocks and voice-activated toys.